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Cucina di Paolo!

We want to thank you for all of your support last year and can’t wait to see all of you and the wonderful new faces in 2019!

Although calendar sales for the 2019 Betty The Washerwoman  were very good, we are still hoping to generate more monies for our three agencies: The Idaho Human Society, Fuzzy Paws Rescue and Pets Peace of Mind. With that in mind, tell all of your friends that we are now doing a ½ off special so all calendars are now only $10.00.  Let’s help our Furry Friends and get the word out. Thank you!

Paul and Mary Jean


Betty the Washerwoman Calendar 2019

We are creating a new calendar  of Betty The Washerwoman for 2019. As many of you know our last calendar benefitted the Idaho Foodbank where we were able to donate $27,400.00 in proceeds. This year’s calendar is the trifecta for furry friends and all proceeds will benefit the Idaho Humane Society, Fuzzy Paws Rescue and Pet’s Peace of Mind. Fuzzy Paws Rescue helps to place hard to place pets; those with hearing issues, hip and other aliments. Pet’s Peace of Mind is with St. Lukes Hospital and places those pet’s in homes for those who are in hospice so that they know that their friends are safe before they pass.

 Betty will have all new costumes and you can also include a picture of you and your pet in the calendar for an extra donation of $50.00. The deadline for that inclusion is August 25th. Tell all your friends and let’s help all of our furry friends in 2019!! As always, thank you Boise—you’re the best!

Paul and Mary Jean