Cucina di Paolo


                                               Regular Weekly Specials
The following 8 items are  time tested specials that we have on a regular basis.
*Chicken Fior: A breast of chicken stuffed with proscuitto, spinach and mozzerella and served over pasta with a tomato ragu.
*Chicken Parmigianna: Parmesan crusted chicken medallions served over pasta with tomato ragu.
*3 Sausage Fettucine: Three different sausages combined in our house made tomato ragu simmered slowly and served over eggwide fettucine.
*Chipotle Meatloaf: Either in a dinner form with Potatoes Au Gratin or in a sandwich form. Either way--you win!
*Eggplant Parmiagianna: Parmesan crusted eggplant served over pasta with tomato ragu.
*Baked Mac and Cheese: Tender Ziti Pasta in our 4 cheese sauce baked slowly! Yes!
*Chicken Penne Gorgonzola: Tender morsels of chicken in a creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce with penne pasta.
*Espresso-Cocoa Rubbed Pork Tenderloin With Wild Mushroom Demi-Glace and Potatoes Au Gratin
Quiche du Jour: Proscuitto with Artichoke Hearts and Tomato
  **Please note that Betty The Washer Woman's Thanksgiving outfit was made and presented by:
________________________Betty Jo Evans___________________________________
                                                             FOR THE WEEK OF:11/14-11/18

**Creamy Clam and Mussel Linguine
**Gnocchi with Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce  
**Espresso-Cocoa Rubbed Pork Loin Chop with mahed Potates and Espagnole Sauce
**3 Cheese Tortellini with Smoked Salmon
**Smoked Chicken and Wild Mushroom Frittata
**Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli in Garlic Cream Sauce
**Chicken and Mozzeraella Ravioli in Garlic Cream Sauce
**Blackened Pacific Cod over Creamy Linguine
**Beef Ravioli Bolognese
**Pan Seared Atlantic Diver Scallops over Linguine

*Please call ahead and check to see if we may have run out of some of the above specials.We just never know what flies out of here first. 345-7150

Sandwiches and Salads(In addition to Regular Lunch Menu Items)
*Blackened Salmon Caesar Salad
*Grilled Pacific Cod Sandwich on Croissant
*Chicken Parmesan Caesar Salad
*Grilled Tuna Melt on Croissant
Gluten Free Items
*Select Fish or Other Seafood Items
*Gluten Free Lasagna(Call Ahead Please)
*Penne Rigate with Your Choice of Ingredients
*This Weeks Soups Are
Tuesday: Cream of Sherried Mushroom or Seafood Chowder
Friday: New England and Manhattan Clam Chowder
Saturday:Chowders Continued
M.J's Dessert Specials for This Week:

*Triple Chocolate Raspberry Fudge Cake
*Almond Croissant Bread Pudding
*Blackberry Cheesecake
*Ameretto Cheesecake
*Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
*M.J's Famous Carrot Cake
*Banana Cream Tarts
*Creme de Menthe Layered Delight
*Boston Cream Pie
*Strawberry Peach and Sweet Basil Pie
*Better Than It Cake
*Peanutbutter Parfaits
*Layered Lemon Delight